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Water Service Products

Core Information Service: Water Service Products

Hydrological predictions

Prediction of discharge and likelihood of floods and droughts based on variable LC/LU at present and in a changed climate.


Long-term water resources

Simulation of soil moisture and local runoff at subcatchment level for estimation of long-term water balance based on variable LC/LU at present and in a changed climate.


Nutrient loads to enclosed seas & source apportionment

Estimation of the gross and net nutrient load to receiving seas and source apportionment of the load based on variable LC/LU.



Nonpoint Pollution Potential Service

Nonpoint Pollution Potential Service based on MONERIS algorithms - Nitrogen & Phosphorus Leakage & Loads.


Agri-economical assessment of Nutrient Surplus

CAPRI  - modelling of Nitrogen & Phosphorus surplus based on actual agricultural management practises and changes due to European and national policies as input to Nutrient Leakage & Load modelling.


End User scenario tool

Adoption of web application to improved dynamic nutrient model.


Access is limited to partners within the geoland2 consortium, user name and password can be requested: Contact

Integrating Earth Observation (EO) data into water discharge and quality models the Water Monitoring Service contributes to an improved water management in Europe. It provides information on water balance, nutrient discharge/ potential and concentrations in water bodies for different scenarios (baseline and future), and decision support for defining measures to manage water pollution resulting from nutrients. It also provides comparison between modelled and observed data, as regional statistics and for individual sites.

For more information on the Water Monitoring Service and the key benefits please refer to the Water Monitoring project task page.


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