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Global Crop Monitoring Products

Core Information Service: GCM Products

Area estimates outside Europe

2 campaigns in China (huabej region) and 2 campaigns in a region of Black sea.

Crop demo site

Area estimate in Sub-Saharan Africa

2 campaigns in 1 or 2 regions of Sub Saharan Africa.

June 2011

Agriculture land use change indicators in Sub-Saharan Africa

2 campaigns in one or 2 regions of Sub Saharan Africa , based on NARMA Area Frame sampling.

June 2011

Rainfall estimates and ensemble approach in crop monitoring

State of the art in the MSG rainfall estimates, development and testing of ensemble approach to take into account timely and spatial uncertainty on rainfall in crop development models.

The Global Crop Monitoring Service provides objective, real-time crop assessment and yield forecasts in support of EC Policies in the field of agriculture (Common Agriculture Policy), trade and food security.

For more information on the Global Crop Monitoring Service and the key benefits please refer to the Global Crop project task page.


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