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Agri-Environmental Service (AgriEnv) Products

Core Information Service: AgriEnv Products

Agriculture state

Agricultural Land Use Changes - Cropping Patterns - Crop Rotation Patterns.

October 2011

Agriculture trends

Extensification - Agri-Environmental Measures Effectiveness.


Pressure of farm management on water resources

Water Abstraction by Irrigation (regional & local scale) – Intermediate Crop Coverage Rate (regional & local scale).


Pressure of farm management on soil resources

Bare Soil Rate (regional & local scale) - Soil Erosion (regional & local).


Agricultural land use changes as driving force for sustainability - Biodiversity

Percentage of HNV Farmland – HNV Farmland Land Use Changes – Landscape Coherence between Intensive Agricultural Areas.


Agricultural land use changes as driving force for sustainability – Landscapes

Landscape changes w.r.t. Closedness / Openness, Diversity, Heritage functions.


The Agri-Environmental Monitoring Service contributes to the improvement of the timely and accurate monitoring of agricultural land use state and its changes at European, national and regional levels. The service addresses agricultural land use and trends, farming pressure on water and soil resources, as well as impact of agricultural land use changes on biodiversity and landscapes.

For more information on the AgriEnv Service and the key benefits please refer to the AgriEnv project task page.


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