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Spatial Data Infrastructure

The Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) task supports the Core Mapping and Core Information Services in the dissemination of  products and services to users. For this INSPIRE is considered as the baseline, to ensure an easy integration of the SDI into the context of the European Spatial Data Infrastructure. The main actors are the geoland2 service providers and users who consume geoland2 services. These users can be both users within the geoland2 consortium or external users (e.g. GMES Downstream services).

SDI implements a loosely coupled service architecture, which consists of a few centralised components and many distributed components at the various service providers, that become progressively accessable as soon as the data and services become available. Users can immediately link to these services from their applications. In addition the user can also use the services via the SDI expert portal, which supports a rich set of functions for human interactions to:

  • Discover available dataset series, datasets and services: a catalogue service allows the user to view and query related meta-data.
  • View and download available datasets: an online data access client allows the user to view data from WMS layers or download data from WCS and WFS services.
  • Order available datasets: an ordering client allows the user to order data available from the catalogues, possibly customised towards the users needs.

To discover available data and service, the user can make use of the central dataset series catalogue or navigate directly to the distributed services to discover, view or download data from the links provided in the descriptions of the Service Portfolio.

Key Benefits

  • One unique reference access point for all data and services from the project;
  • Based on open standards, in line with INSPIRE, one common geoland 2 metadata profile;
  • Both accessible by means of web clients and standardised machine to machine interfaces.

Further Information

For further details please contact the Spatial Data Infrastructure team by Email.

The geoland2 Expert Portal provides expert tools to use and support all geoland2 products.


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