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Seasonal Change Detection

Taking advantage of common methods, algorithms and approaches the Seasonal and Annual Change Monitoring Service (SATChMo) aims to close the gap between low-resolution global coverage and the high-resolution by providing seasonal to annual European-wide coverage of physical properties describing bio-geophysical information parameters, such as land cover (LC) and land cover change (LCC). Products will be delivered in the format of indicators, maps and statistics.

SATChMo will deliver products less frequently yet with more spatial detail than BioPar while providing products more frequently but with less spatial and thematic detail than EUROLAND.

SATChMo operates at continental scale over and Sub-Saharan Africa, addressing each continent independently and delivering services adapted to the specific local user requirements.

SATChMo delivers:

  • VHR/HR Area Frame Sampling (AFS) over permanent samples representative for all European and African environmental/ ecological conditions for annual and in case of African products at 5 year interval statistics of LC and LCC;
  • Complete medium-resolution (MR) continental coverage of seasonal and annual vegetation parameters to produce LCC and agricultural land use. The time frequency of the product update is in the range of 3-12 months.

The spatial resolution of SATChMo maps, equivalent to those of medium-resolution and high-resolution Earth Observation sensors, is the maximum available within the constraints of data procurement, processing costs, processing time and the possibilities for maximising the automation of the processing chain.

Key Benefits

  • Provision of a unique, consistent and integrated set of agri-environmental information covering various temporal and spatial scales and thematic content;
  • Products will be quality-benchmarked and customised, and will address user requests for frequently updated information;
  • Support of national and regional actors in environment and agriculture to anticipate and detect anomalies and manage potentially resulting problems in a timely manner.

Further Information

For further details please consult the SATChMo Service flyer (2,5 MB)or contact the SATChMo team by Email.

The SATChMo products and services are accessible on the geoland2 SDI Expert portal.

European AFS Scheme © geoland2 Consortium
Map of irrigated summer crops in 2005 in the Adour Garonne Catchment © Infoterra France

SATChMo Video


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