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Water Services

The Water Monitoring Service addresses water management issues and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the Flooding Directive in Europe. Both directives require quality assured and harmonised information on water quality and quantity as well as tools for predictions.

The Water Monitoring Services will provide a pan-European model (based on the existing water models MONERIS and HYPE) aiming to achieve comparability between the local -usually country specific- models in order to address cross-border catchment issues and integrated analysis of transnational water bodies.

The models provide information on

  • Water balance;
  • Flow rates and flow depths in all major streams and rivers in;
  • Soil moisture level;
  • Lake/reservoir depths and levels;
  • Snow depths, snow water equivalent, regional snow coverage;
  • Comparison between modelled and observed data, as regional statistics and for individual sites.

The system can be used for prediction of the current and future hydrological climate.

Key Benefits

  • Homogenous, quality assured and harmonised input data used for water resource and quality assessments, hydrological modelling and simulations;
  • Integrated analysis of cross-border catchment issues and trans-national water bodies;
  • Support of water management issues and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and the Flooding Directive.

HYPE on the web - a Core Service for Hydrological Data

E-HypeWeb is a pan-European information service on water. The user may zoom in any river or tributary in Europe on a map and download a calculated time-series of discharge for the last decades on a file. At present, daily water discharge is available for about 50 000 sites in Europe and nutrient transport from land to the Baltic Sea. The service is successively developed and new versions are released frequently. During 2012 a visualization tool for present and future climate will be added, user-interactions for local calibration will be available, forecasts will be provided for each site, as well as calculated nutrient transport.

Model data can be downloaded for free from three different HYPE applications:
• Europe: www.smhi.se/e-hype
• Baltic Sea basin: www.smhi.se/balt-hype
• Sweden: www.smhi.se/tema/Vattenforvaltning

Today the E-HYPEWeb services are based on the first version of E-HYPE. During 2011 the E-HYPE model will be upgraded to E-HYPE2.0. This version will be calibrated for discharge and climate scenarios will be run. The following year effort will be made to set up E-HYPE not only for discharge but also water quality i.e. transport of phosphorus and nitrogen. Version 2.0 will also use satellite data from BioPar and Euroland according to the CIS Water Development & Testing Dossier (6.4 MB).

Further Information

For further details please consult the Water Services flyer (2,9 MB) or contact the Water Services team by Email or look at the the Water Services products at the geoland2 portal.

Figure 1. The pan- eruopean Hydrological Predictions for the Environment (E-HYPE) tool has an average resolution of 250 km². Time series for each subbasin can be downloaded from www.smhi.se/e-hype.
Figure 2. Evaluation of simulated water discharge using E-HYPE version 1.0.
Figure 3. Assessment of climat change impact using the HYPE model for the Baltic Sea drainage basin (Donnelly et al., 2011)
Figure 4. E-HYPEWeb: pan-European information service on Water (www.smhi.se/e-hype).

Water Monitoring Video


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