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Global Crop Monitoring

The Global Crop Monitoring Core Information Service provides objective, near-real-time assessments of crop conditions and yield forecasts in support of European policies in the fields of agriculture, trade and food security.

In the framework of geoland2, the Global Crop Service will

  • Ensure an interface with final users, EC (AGRI, AIDCO), UN (FAO, WFP), as well as with the GEOS Task 7.3 on Crop Monitoring;
  • Benchmark the Biogeophysical Paramenter Service products and promote standards for derived vegetation anomaly products;
  • Test the use of bio- parameters as yield indicators or as information on phenology;
  • Further develop the direct ingestion of these parameters in crop growth models;
  • Demonstrate area estimates methods on several sites (China, Black Sea, Africa) with a specific attention on validation protocol.

Key Benefits

  • Provision of key information to decision makers to manage the market or anticipate food security crisis;
  • Contribution to the implementation of Global Land Fast Track (experience of 8 years of MARS OP);
  • Further demonstration/validation of new methods of area estimates tested in geoland;
  • Facilitation of the integration of the Global Monitoring for food Security (GMFS) activities in the future food security portfolio.

Further Information

For further details please consult the Global Crop Monitoring Service flyer (2,4 MB) or contact the Global Crop Monitoring team by Email.

The Global Crop products and services are accessible on the geoland2 SDI Expert portal.

Early detection of bad growing conditions in Argentina and Uruguay, as well as good vegetation conditions in major growing regions of Brazil. © JRC Mars

Global Crop Monitoring Video


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